NEW (0.5-3.0) × 1600 Stainless Steel Decoiling, Leveling And Cutting To Length Line Machine With Edge Trimming And Scrap Recoiling Device

This equipment is used for processing the steel coil into the desired length steel sheet and stacking them in order through decoiling, leveling, measuring and shearing.

Product Details

Stainless Steel Cut to Length Line

It is mainly composed of the decoiler, pinch roll and leveler, length controller, shearer and stacker etc., accompany of the feeder, side guider, conveyor etc.  

We can Supply High Speed Metal Coil Cut to Length Machine with the max. speed is 80m/min. And we can supply the low speed 24m/min one for 0.3-3.0mm thickness.  

Process Flow for Cut to Length Line

Coil Lifter ---- Decoiler ---- Snubber Roller + Pinch Roll + 6-HI 21-roller Leveling Machine ---- Loop Bridge ---- Side Guide----  (options: edge trimming ---- scrap recoiler ---- loop bridge ---- side guide )---- Precision 5-roller Leveling Machine(import servo control) ---- Shear ---- conveyor ---- Auto stacker (4 m) + X Lifting Platform + Unload Cart


Technical Parameter for Decoiling and Leveling Line

Technical Specification


Coil Material

Cold Rolled steel; galvanizes steel; pre-paint steel coil

(Yield strength: 235Mpa)
Material Thickness0.5~3mm 
Material Width600~1500mm
Coil I.D.φ508/610mmadd cushion cover in 610mm
Coil O.D. Φ2000mm
Coil Weight15T


Material Thickness0.5~3mm 
Material Width600~1500mm
Leveling Tolerance≤±1.5mm/m2 (as 1.5mm thickness)
Cutting Tolerance

length:≤±0.5mm (per 2000mm length sheet)

Diagonal: ≤±1.0mm (per 2000mm×1600mm sheet)
Cutting Length500mm~4000mm

Line Data

Leveling Speed 5~60m/min (adjustable)
Lind Speed 

15~22 pcs/min (as per 2000mm length sheet)

26~30 pcs/min (as per 1000mm length sheet)

35~40 pcs/min (as per 500mm length sheet)
Total PowerAppro. 140KW
Total SpaceAppro. 30m×7m (L×W)
Line DirectionFrom left to right (will be double confirmed)

Machine configurations 

1.Coil Lifter 1 unit
2.Hydraulic Decoiler 1 unit
3.Snubber Roller + Pinch Roll + 6-HI Leveler1 unit
4.Hydraulic Loop Bridge1 unit
5.Side Guide Device1 unit
6.Precision Leveler + Measuring Device1 unit
7.Shear1 unit
8.Conveyor1 unit
9.Auto Stacker + Lifting platform+ Unload Cart1 unit
10.Hydraulic System1 unit
11.Electric System1 unit
11.Electric System1 unit

Delivery time:  90~120 days 

Shipping container:  2×40’HQ +1×20’GP

Photos for Reference

1. Paper Recoiler.jpg

2. Decoiler +Coil Car.JPG

3. Pinch Roll +  Pre-leveler.JPG

Paper RecoilerDecoiler+Coil CarPinch Roll+Pre-leveler

4. Loop Bridge 1#.jpg

5. Side Guide.jpg

6. Edge Trimming.jpg

Loop Bridge 1#Side GuideEdge Trimming

7. Loop Bridge 2#.jpg

8. Precision Leveler.jpg

9. Shearing Machine.JPG

Loop Bridge 2#Precision LevelerShearing Machine

10. Conveyor.jpg

11. Auto Stacker.JPG

12. Finished Products.JPG

ConveyorAuto StackerFinished Products