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Application method of cold drawn precision steel tubes production

Jul 04, 2016

In Sichuan area, professional production various cold pulled pipe of manufacturers rarely, especially specifically for car aspects of cold pulled precision pipe, in general technology not perfect, funds not in place of situation Xia, is impossible has quality of cold pulled tube products appeared of, while, manufacturers will according to customer of specific needs and tailored customized, this is different of needs has different of production programme and regulations, also will according to specific of car which parts of features and for technology improved. Such as the steering column of the car body, which will. Cold drawn precision steel tubes factory production line staff creative methods, greatly improving production efficiency also improved the staff's enthusiasm for production. Meanwhile, enhanced employee ownership of enterprises, actively plunge into the reform and innovation of the enterprise, and further strengthen the study, raise the level of operations, accumulated operational experience, conscientiously sum up the refined, persisting in technology innovation, create more advanced method to achieve accelerated development, establish a steel tube base and hard work.