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Common Faults & troubleshooting for uncoiler

Dec 15, 2016

Common Faults for uncoiler of coil slitting line & cutting machinery

Uncoiler can’t run normally. Possible causes & solutions:

1.Uncoiler overload and frequency converter make overcurrent warning.

Solution: turn off main power of electric control system, and then restart it.

2.Gears of transmission damaged.

Solution: turn off main power, and then rotate the uncoiler head with your hands to check is there any stuck. If yes, check the transmission gear and replace damaged components.

3.Photoelectric sensor of uncoiler damaged, so can’t detect the approach signal.

Solution: replace a new one.

Above are some common faults & solutions of uncoiler which may occur when operating metal slitting machinery, coil cutting line. For more problems, please contact with us directly.