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Enterprise basic production situation of domestic seamless steel tube production

Jul 04, 2016

Seamless steel pipe production enterprise in China because of the different levels of production units. Management level and awareness of environmental differences, resulting in a resource. Different effect on energy use. Conditions for slab does not fit and is made of cold rolled (drawn), production enterprises, often take multiple passes cooling process. Annealing. Pickling procedure, led to the resource. Energy waste and pollution to the environment, these enterprises should attach great importance to comprehensive treatment of waste acid. To date, no company can really scale implementation of continuous casting billet hot delivery process. In some firms, economic and technical indicators are also not advanced. The reason is mainly because of the seamless steel tube products with high added value, in the current steel market is better. Under high prices, companies tend to increase production and expand production scale to obtain greater profit targets and improving technical and economic indicators. Energy saving, such as its impact on corporate profits rather than increased production as prominent, leading to energy saving work enough attention.