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Panzhihua iron and steel cold rolled steel cold-drawing technology breakthroughs

Jul 04, 2016

Said pangang, I think people will know, especially our people, this is our proud this year, panzhihua iron and steel cold rolling mill cold-drawn steel tube and there is good news, in the operation of this product a few years later, technology and production of a new breakthrough. For titanium with (Board) surface quality defects problem, panzhihua iron and pipe research group from cold pulled cold rolled pipe business process, and model, and instrument, and equipment, aspects starts with, constantly perfect technology procedures, and operation points of prepared and research work; rolling Qian, on roll road surface, equipment precision for check, according to surface size precision on fine rolling model for perfect, makes its reached rolling requirements, not only makes Titanium with (Board) surface quality get upgrade, also makes cold pulled cold rolled steel control of continuous production capacity by dozens of tons improve to 200 tons around. On April 13 from the panzhihua iron and steel pipe Research Group noted that in the first quarter, panzhihua iron and steel for a 2011 first-round hot rolled titanium Strip (Board) test, a total of 37 different specifications of rolling titanium slabs, total weight of 150.9 tons. Titanium (Board) a one-time significant upgrade in rolling, surface quality is improved.