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Precision steel tube sharp contradictions between supply and demand in steel prices, no sign

Jul 04, 2016

Recently, Baosteel, Wuhan iron and steel have announced a September precision seamless pipe prices, again with the "fallen" appearance. This is the lowered prices for 3 months. It can be seen that leading precision seamless pipe manufacturers in September domestic precision seamless pipe market does not look good. Steel trading business and people in the industry believe that this continued to cut prices of Baosteel, and cut up to 180 yuan/ton, some seamless precision also offer certain concessions, such as Baosteel Meishan steel company under the production of Pu cold plate, based on the direct factory price to save 200 Yuan/ton. This predicted September precision seamless pipe market prices is unlikely to rebound sharply. However, there are also considered by steel manufacturers, Baoshan Iron and steel price itself is higher than the spot market price, even after the September factory prices, is still higher than the current spot market price. So Baosteel factory price policy adjustment, only affect the psychological and substantive influence on the steel city is not too big.