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Precision steel tubes

Jul 04, 2016

Precision steel pipe of steel pipe in recent years stabilized around 42%~45%, welded pipe there is an upward trend. Precision steel pipe and welded steel pipe is the reliability and adaptability of material, especially adapted to thick-walled and alloy production. Precision steel tubes is mainly composed of hot-rolled steel production, apart from the outside hot-rolled, there are hot after piercing cold-rolled or cold-drawn technical production specifications precision steel tubes of its field of application is divided into: Auto and precision machinery used pipe power plants, nuclear power tube titanium and titanium alloy tubes tubes for chemical industry. varieties including color, black seamless, welding, General and special. Process description: the high quality carbon steel, fine drawing, free oxidation of bright heat treatment (NBK), non-destructive testing, the pipe wall with equipment cleaning and high pressure washing oil, steel anti-rust treatment, sealed at both ends for dust-proof treatment. Characteristic: high precision, good finish, heat treated steel inside and outside of no oxidation layer, good cleaning on the inside wall, precision steel tubes under high pressure, cold deformation, flaring, flattening without cracks, can do a variety of complex deformation and mechanical processing.