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Present situation of steel production capacity of China's private enterprises

Jul 04, 2016

From an overall perspective, current domestic steel production capacity is large, gross has been able to meet future growth in demand for steel in China, and seamless steel tubes currently on the market balance of supply and demand, with the commissioning of new capacity, supply of market situation is likely to change, which may be part of the enterprise to survive the unfavourable market situation there is pressure. Steel seamless tubes for domestic private enterprises to purchase blank production enterprises, purchasing and quality assurance of its tube, as the original enterprise for slab production line completed, its production will also face greater difficulties in the future. So said although China pipe capacity still in growth, but domestic many pipe capacity is behind capacity, which seamless steel tube in the about has 3 million tons, pipe unit in the is has near do tons, future years time in will has quite part exit market, by eliminated half estimates, thus is expected to to 2010, China seamless steel tube General will in 2 million tons around, pipe capacity in 40 million tons, total domestic pipe capacity in 60 million tons, accounted for will domestic 620 million steel capacity of 10% around.