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Simple prediction of China's steel export environment

Jul 04, 2016

One is the infrastructure all over the world. Global infrastructure-building in the future, especially developed countries to strengthen the construction of infrastructure will also improve China's steel export demand. McKinsey overseas well-known institutions: out of the need to maintain world economic growth by 2030, global infrastructure investment needs at least US $ 57 trillion, including roads, power and water-related projects, the resulting huge demand for Chinese steel, including direct export of construction steel demand and mechanical equipment, such as indirect steel exports in two aspects, this should not be underestimated. Second, global high-speed rail development. In infrastructure construction, high-speed railway construction is very important in the world. Some analysts believe the next 10-20 years, is about to enter a golden age of faster development of high speed railway in the world, United States, and Russia, and France and the United Kingdom, and Brazil and other countries have developed an unprecedented high speed railway development plans.