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The basic characteristics of cold drawn precision steel tubes

Jul 04, 2016

If you desire to obtain better quality and smaller size of cold drawn precision steel tubes, cold rolling, cold-drawing must be used or a combination of features and methods. Cold rolling is usually conducted in two-roller rolling mill, steel tapered round slot and fixed cone composed of the head of the ring groove rolling. Cold drawn usually in 0.5~100T single-chain-or double-stranded in the cold-drawing machine. Steel mechanical properties are guaranteed final performance (mechanical properties), an important indicator, it depends on the chemical composition and the heat treatment of steel. In the standards of steel pipe, according to the different requirements, providing tensile properties (yield strength or yield point, tensile strength, elongation) and hardness, toughness, and user requirements, such as high and low temperature performance. ① tensile strength (σ b) ② yield point (σ s) ③ elongation (σ) ④ section shrinkage (ψ) ⑤ hardness index