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Application Of Steel Tube Knowledge Characteristics

Jul 04, 2016

1. corrosion resistance of RPM pipes that are resistant to acid, alkali, salt, water, untreated sewage and corrosive soil or groundwater and numerous chemical corrosion fluids. General pipe using a life span of 15 years, cast iron pipe for the 5-10, and RPM pipe service life up to 50 years or more. 2. algae stain resistance because of its smooth surface, and can remain unchanged for a long time. Therefore, will not be sent by the media of all kinds of micro-organisms and algae. Metal or cement pipes with the passage of time and have more of the algae. 3. heat resistance good freezing resistance of RPM pipe temperature range between-80 ℃-40 ℃, if its temperature can reach higher with special resin. 4. project long life design safety and reliability under normal circumstances, pipeline design safety factor of more than 4, so as to guarantee the durability of the product.