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Characteristics Of Steel Pipe Precision Use

Jul 04, 2016

Precision steel tubes of the main features: high precision, good finish, heat treated steel inside and outside of no oxidation layer, good cleaning on the inside wall, precision steel tubes under high pressure, cold deformation, flaring, flattening without cracks, can do a variety of complex deformation and mechanical processing. The main use of precision steel tubes: hydraulic system steel tube, steel tube for automobile and other precision steel pipe precision, smoothness, cleanliness, has a high mechanical performance requirements of customers. (1) hot-rolled pipes, cold drawn seamless steel tubes – tube, extruded tube, top tube, cold rolling mill, (2) precision steel tubes, but there are square, rectangular, semicircular, Hexagon, triangle, Octagon and other special-shaped steel tube. Complex sections ranging from steel-hexagonal steel pipe, five plum-shaped steel tube, bi-convex-shaped steel tube, pipe double concave-shaped, oval-shaped steel tubes, conical steel pipe and corrugated steel, case steel and so on. Classification – according to wall thickness of thin-wall steel pipe, heavy-wall steel pipe.