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Color Steel Sheet Roof Tile Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

Jun 20, 2018

Main Equipment

1. Two (5+1) Ton×1250 Hydraulic Expand Uncoiler with Coil Car

     -- Hydraulic system to expand coil inner hole

     -- Support arm equipped at the end of the main shaft

     -- Taper wedge expand type

     -- Self-contained electric controller, out of control system of the complete line

     -- Double roller Chain and Pinion

     -- Coil car can move up/down and forward/backward

2. Entry Bench

     -- Un-powered, Height Adjustable

3. Manual pre-shearing Device

    -- un-powered, dual Levelling;

4. Polythene Film-On Device for Profile E24, Aluminum Material

   -- Un-powered, with un-coil-rollers at double sides

   -- With rubber shaft to film-on the film

5. Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

     -- Gear/Sprocket driving; Dual Levelling

     -- Upper Level for E24 profile, 24-step to form

     -- Lower Level for Sinusoidal profile, 22-step to form

     -- Two encoders, one for upper level, the other for lower level

     -- The two levels can’t be run at the same time

     -- Manual Clutch to switch the driven system

     -- Forming speed: Approx. 12m/min

     -- Protection Mesh Cover (full mesh type) Above Roll-former To Avoid Hands Go Inside

6. Hydraulic Cutting Device

     -- Stop to cut, Post cut, No blanking cut

     -- Two pairs of cutting tools

     -- Equipped with the lubrication cover in the moving parts of the cutting press.

7. PLC Control System

     -- Control the quantity & cutting length automatically.

    -- Control the switch action to run the different two profiles

    -- Combined with: PLC, Touch Screen, Inverter (Siemens), Encoder (Omron), etc

    -- Cut-to-length tolerance≤±2 mm

8. S480 Inkjet Printer including encoder holder and printer table

9. Product rack     

    -- Un-powered, Height Adjustable



Flow Chart of High Speed Double Layer Roll Forming Machine/Roll Forming Line


flow chart.jpg


Machine used in customer’s factory:


1.Two (5+1) Ton×1250 Hydraulic Expand Uncoiler with Coil Car



2.Entry Bench & Manual Pre-shearing Device



3.Cold Roll Forming Machine



4.Finished Products













 Our Services

  1. Before-sales

    1. We will answer the customer asap. (within 24hours)

    2. We can design the machine according to customer’s detail requests.

  2. After-service:

    1. In correct operation & maintaining, the machine is guaranteed for one year

    2. If necessary, we will dispatch technicians to install and commissioning, and also our technicians will teach and training the customer’s workers to use the machine better.

    3. We will provide long-term technical assistance.