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Cut To Length Line - Nantong Reliantt

Nov 23, 2016

Cut to Length Line Nantong Reliantt


We have almost 200 standard models of Cut to Length Lines, covering range from 0.3-15mm with different width up to 2500mm and with coil weight up to 35tons


The Cut to Length Line can be fully automatically controlled and have timesaving features which improve efficiency, reduce downtime and increase production.


We have the different shear for the Cut to Length Line which is Guillotine Shear, Rotary Shear, Flying Shear, so we have different Line Speed can be chosen.


For the thickness below 3mm, the cut to length line can be designed as economic one, the price is very competitive. It is more suitable for preliminary investment or the customer which haven’t high request for the precision of the finished products.


We can also accept the customized Cut to Length Line as per customers’ requests.



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