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Down pipe forming machine

Jun 30, 2018

Product Description:

Down pipe Forming Machine which exported to Kenya.

Down pipe / Rainspout Roll Forming machine, can produce round & square downpipe / rainspout, equip with elbow machine.


Flow Chart:



Main features:

  1. Bending precision: the maximum profile deviations (dimensions and shape) shall not exceed the tolerances specified as following data (or equivalent tolerances);

  2. Bending quality: ability to bend the profiles of the specified configuration at the specified maximum steel thickness; cracking of the steel or metal coating is not permitted for all required steel grades.

  3. Maximum production speed: 0-15 metres per minute

Main Equipment:

1.  3T manual de-coiler

-- Mode of expand &fight: inner expand &fight by manual

-- Way of feeding: manual

2.  Feeding device

-- Adjustable center of the forming rollers and of sufficient length to prevent lateral movement of the strip on its entry to flattener.

-- Feeding type: adjustable

-- Entrance and guide roller

3.  Roll Forming Machine

-- Transmission: by chain, one inch, Single line

-- Roll former has leveling bolts in the base for adjust the leveling

-- Machine base frame adopt H beam welding steel

-- In the main roll forming machine have 1 button for urgency stop if happen any malfunction.

-- Machine adopt metal wall structure as station

-- To avoid accidents, all of drive part adopt protect cover

4.  Post Cutting System

-- Profile transversal cutting device units allowing to cut the bent profile without damaging the metal coating and to assure a smooth cutincluded

   -- Cutting after forming: Cut the sheet after roll forming to required length

   -- Uses two hydraulic cylinders for operation shall include a flow regulator to achieve a uniform lowering knife.

   -- Cutting power by hydraulic

   -- Length measuring: Automatic encoder length measuring

   -- The cutting sequence is also contained and controlled by the same PLC program

-- Tolerance of length: +/- 1.5mm for each piece end product

5.  Hydraulic station

6.  Control desk

-- Programmable setting of profile length and quantity

-- Programmable cutting unit, various lengths in one programming cycle without

 quantity restrictions (without stopping the operating equipment): will be provided.

   -- 5 groups datas can be set in one time

-- Automatic stopping of the equipment after completion of the cutting programmewill be provided.

-- Computer used to control length & quantity. Machine will automatically cut to

length and stop when required quantity is achieved

-- Length inaccuracy can be amended easily

   -- Control panel: Button-type switch and touch screen

   -- PLC brand: Panasonic

   -- Frequency converter brand: Yaskawa

   -- Touch screen: Taiwan Weinview

7.  Rainspout / Downpipe elbow machine:

-- Control system: Strong electrical current

-- Max bend angle: 90°

-- Function: bend and fasten at the same time

-- Speed of bend: 0-5m/ min


Machine photos for reference:

1.   3T manual de-coiler


2.   Feeding device


3.   Roll Forming Machine


4.   Post Cutting System


5.   Finished Products


6.   Application





  1. Before-sales

    1. In correct operation & maintaining, the machine is guaranteed for one year

    2. If necessary, we will dispatch technicians to install and commissioning, and also our technicians will teach and training the customer’s workers to use the machine better.

    3. We will provide long-term technical assistance.

    4. We will answer the customer asap. (within 24hours)

    5. We can design the machine according to customer’s detail requests.

    6. After-service: