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Economic Light Gauge Slitting Line – Nantong Reliantt

Nov 08, 2016

Economic Light Gauge Slitting line from Nantong Reliantt


Light gauge slitting line mean the steel coil strop slitting line for CR steel with thickness less than 3mm.


The economic type metal sheet slitting machinery Process:

Coil Lifter ---- Decoiler ---- Loop Bridge --- Side Guide ---- Slitting Machine ---- Loop Bridge ---- Scrap Recoiler ---- Damping Device ---- Recoiler ---- Unload Cart


Nantong Reliantt’s economic light gauge slitting line has two types: one is slitting machine with spacer and rubber rings; the other is slitting machine with slitting knife modules for thickness less than 1.5mm and the min. slit strip as 100mm.  


We also provide the high speed high-level configuration slitting line for light gauge; and also heavy gauge/duty slitting line. Meanwhile, we supply the cut to length line also.