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ERW High Quality Steel Square Pipe Making Machine

May 19, 2018

Nantong Reliantt offers almost 30 standard models, covering range from 3/8’’(8mm) up to 10’’(273mm) diameter (corresponding square & rectangular tubes) and wall thickness from 0.3mm up to 12.7mm, also accept customized machines. 


1. Water pipe 

2. Heating pipe 

3. Low-pressure process pipeline

4. Low pressure fire fighting pipeline 

5. Sewage Pipes

6. Steel Scaffolding Pipe 

7. Wire and cable protection pipe

8. Structural support Steel Pipe 

9. Industrial Steel Pipes

10. Decoration Pipe 

11. Oil & Gas Pipes

Process Flow

Slit Coil ---- Un-Coiler ---- Shearing And Butter Welder ---- Storage/ Accumulator ---- Forming ---- Welding ---- Cooling ---- Sizing ---- Cutting Saw ---- Run Out Table ---- Finishing ---- Pipe Collecting and Packaging

0. Working Flow Chart for RT Series Pipe-making machine.jpg

Machine Photos for Reference 

1.Double Side Uncoiler

Manual expansion, provide strips to make the pipes

1. Double Side Uncoiler.jpg

2.Vertical Accumulator

Storage of the strips to ensure main machine to run continuously while welding two strips

2. Vertical Accumulator.jpg


Mainly roughly mill-forming strip to round, then welding, scraping.



Fine shaping pipe (round/ square/  rectangle), controlling size accuracy

4. Sizing.JPG 

5.Flying Cutting Saw (Hot Type)

High speed with non stop cutting

5. Flying Cutting Saw (Hot Type).JPG

Solid State HF Welder and Control box

(主) Solid State HF Welder and Control box.jpg




(1) Raw material preparation – forge piece: inconel

(2) Semi-finishing; Numerical control cutting machining 

(3) Numerical control finishing machining

(4) Product inspection – dimensions, form and position tolerance

 (5) Product inspection – hardness

(6) Customer inspection

(7) Finished-parts storage – shipshape

(8) Packing