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ERW Welded Steel Pipe Mill

Apr 21, 2018

Features of RT60 ERW Welded Steel Pipe Mill

This RT60 tube mills is used to produce straight seam automatic oil pipes and tubes by means of steel slit strips with its subsequent welding into tube, edge heating by means of solid state high-frequency welder, longitudinal straight seam welding in rolls of tube welding machine, cooling, further sizing or shaping and on-stream cutting of endless tube in measured lengths.

Finished product will be of round, square, rectangular pipe.

Process Flow of Steel Pipe Mills

Steel strips ---- double side decoiler ---- shear and butt welder ---- vertical accumulator ---- pinch roll + leveler, forming device, welding device ---- cooling unit ---- sizing and turk’s head ---- computer saw --- run out rack 

0. Working Flow Chart for RT Series Pipe-making machine1.jpg

Technical Parameter- RT60 straight seam Tube Mills

Steel Pipe Specification

1. Pipe diameter: ¢19–¢63.5mm

    Pipe Thickness: 1.0– 3.0mm

2. Square Pipe: 15×15-50×50mm

    Rectangle Pipe: 20X10mm –40X60mm

    Pipe Thickness: 1.0– 2.5mm

3. Pipe Length: 4.0m – 8.0m

4. Length Tolerance: ≤±3mm

Steel Tape Specification

1. Material: Low Carbon steel (δb≤500Mpa, δs≤235Mpa)

2. Steel Tape: Inner diameter: Φ450-520mm

    Outer diameter: Φmax=1300mm

    Strip steel width: 60mm-200mm

    Strip steel thickness: 1.0–3.0mm

    The maximum weight: 2 tons

Line Specification

1. Line Direction (optional) : From Right to Left or from Left to Right 

2. Line Speed : 20-80/min

3. Power for equipment motor : about 230KW

4. Power for HF electric: 200KW (Solid State)

Photos for Reference  

Pipe making machine,HR tube mill

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Double Side Main Forming 1Main Forming 2

3. welding and scraping roller

4. cooling tank

tube mills for straight seam automatic oil pipes and tubes

Welding&Scraping Cooling TankSizing Unit
tube and pipe millstube making machine ,tube mills
Straightening Computer Saw

Product Applications

pipe mkaing machine,pipe mill