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Fly Cutting Roll Forming Machine To Achieve The Best Working Condition

Jul 07, 2017

Fly Cutting Roll Forming Machine Tube mill in the joint grinding system is often one of the most important aspects of how to play the potential capacity of the tube mill is the current goal of each cement worker to pursue. The original structure of the internal design of the mill is far less than the joint grinding process system engineering, the pipe mill on the process parameters of the request. To this end, the internal technical transformation of the mill is imperative. This paper introduces the technical transformation of the key parts of the mill mill with roller press, so as to better meet the requirements of the combined grinding and production system. For the Fly Cutting Roll Forming Machine, the whole has a lot of fragile parts, these vulnerable parts if you do not pay attention to the production of brick will have a certain impact. Therefore, the block making machine in the daily brick making process, the need to strengthen the inspection of these parts. To ensure that the Fly Cutting Roll Forming Machine to achieve the best working condition. Today Hengxing machinery after-sales engineers will take you to understand the daily use of block making machine to check the parts often.

1. Check the block molding machine on the mold parts of any loose, finishing the various parts of the mold attached.

2. Clear the block molding machine equipment on the mold cylinder on the main surrounding debris, sand, dust. Check the nut is not loose tubing connector is not loose.

3. Die on the synchronous bearing gauges and gears are loose, to deal with in time.

4 on the sensational transmission is not a loose phenomenon.

5. View the lower part of the mold whether the loose parts, finishing the various parts of the mold attached to the finishing need to pay attention to safety, the upper and lower mold should be on top of the wood.

6. If the lower clamping screw is loose, adjust the lock immediately.

7. Lower mold cylinder, tubing connector is not loose.

8. The debris in the trough of the underwater pod is to be removed.

9. Check the handle under the shock bracket lock is not loose.

10. Check the handling of the underwater drive and the connector is not loose.

Ordinary Fly Cutting Roll Forming Machine are hydraulic injection molding machine, and hydraulic injection molding machine relative speed is relatively slow.

High-speed injection molding machine is not a normal machine is not a servo machine.

Their difference is a speed difference, injection molding machine, positioning accuracy of high-speed injection molding machine to be more sophisticated.

The role of injection system: injection system is one of the most important components of injection molding machine.

The most widely used is the screw type.

Screw injection molding machine plasticizer mainly by the feeding device, barrel, screw, glue components, nozzle part of the composition.

In practice, more and more customers will ask to buy the so-called "high-speed machine" or "fast machine."

Its purpose in addition to the needs of the product itself, the other mostly to shorten the molding cycle, increase the unit time production, thereby reducing production costs and improve competitiveness.

Multifunctional block making machine uphold environmental protection as the basis, to promote economic development for the requirements, uphold the principle of first-class service in the market to provide a universal brick machine, fully automated brick machine, small brick machine, Machine, cement brick machine, all kinds of brick brick and other brick equipment.