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Pipe Line Equipment

Jul 04, 2016

1, the payoff will be hot-rolled coil connection into the flattener. Consists of an open book and open two reading ways. 2, steel leveling leveling the machine in front of the molding on the Strip. On the General frame, next frame, actuators and other components, five rollers, seven rollers, usually in welded pipe production line leveler front pinch rolls. 3, head welding machine in order to ensure the continuous production line, need to pass before and after welding machine will cut neat Strip and tail ends of the irregular cut and clamped, welded together to form a continuous production of Strip. 4, continuous feeding of live sets in order to meet the welded pipe production, strip head and tail cut the welder must be set before the live sets of storage devices, making Strip steel in open, cut off the head and tail for weld preparation work, loop Strip continuous conveyor that can be stored in advance and ensure continuous production. 5, Horizontal Looper horizontal spiral loop for strip thickness ranges 0.4-16mm, adapter pipe specifications ф 14-ф 610mm.