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Pipe Mold Status And Development Trends

Jul 04, 2016

Pipe mold enterprise has now saturated, everywhere present steel pipe factory, now the high energy consumption, low technology plants has been difficult to start, factory underemployment, low maintenance rate, it is an indisputable fact. At present, generally uses the following process production of die: cutting rough → → heat treatment (high temperature quenching and high temperature tempering) nitride → → → finishing products (Note: in order to save costs, manufacturers now can save a forging and annealing of two takes, Fei Cai processes). Stainless steel welded pipe is the pipe forming machines, several mold compaction by stainless steel plates and welded together. Due to the high strength of the stainless steel, and its structure is face-centered cubic lattice, easy to form a hardened, pipe molding: mold under high friction on the one hand, the mold is easy to wear on the other, formed on the surface of stainless steel sheet and die bonding (bite), pipe and formed on the surface of the die is pulled.