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Precision Steel Tubes For Automotive Market Analysis

Jul 04, 2016

Precision steel tubes for automobile production: due to the equipment, technical support, quality supply of raw material resources and other factors, has lagged behind in the development of auto parts manufacturing, to meet domestic supply requirements for high-end passenger cars. Therefore, based on the current stable quality and increase output at the same time, establish focus domestic medium-and long-term strategy for the development of precision steel tubes for automobile. Because of the particularity of automotive materials, requires the steel appearance, light weight, safe, stable and reliable. To ensure that the limitation of steel tube for automobile use, require steel materials with good resistance to corrosion, steel structural parts for automobiles, as an important component of aggregate demand with the rising car production increased, technical requirements as to improve the quality of new vehicles, and increasingly strict. Have a certain life, so according to different parts of, respectively, to automotive steel tube material quality, dimensional accuracy, mechanical properties and surface quality, process performance and other areas have strict requirements.