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Precision Steel Tubes For Automotive News Information

Jul 04, 2016

It is understood that in the total investment of $ 8 million, Sumitomo Metals and Sumitomo Shoji and Nippon Steel all three respectively accounted for a proportion of the investment, and 51%, and 15%. Nippon Steel is Japan's largest steel producer, 2003 with 28.4 million tonnes the year ranked third in the world, ranked sixth out of China Baosteel Group almost 9 million tons. Sumitomo Group of Japan one of the largest consortiums, including Sumitomo Metals and Sumitomo Corporation participated in the Guangzhou automobile steel plant investment project. Sumitomo metals company China representative shantianzhishu told reporters that the new automotive precision steel tube factory is currently in the testing stage, is expected in January next year will be able to put into formal operation. "Because Guangzhou auto makers a lot, so we hope that the creation of the parts manufacturer to achieve supply, before substitute from Japan imports into the pipe, but the production of cold rolled sheets of steel pipe used to need from Japan imports. Of course, we also want to get upstream in China procurement of raw materials