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Precision Steel Tubes In Various Sectors Of Application

Jul 04, 2016

Precision steel pipe is the core application of the machinery industry product, products not only into the conventional automobiles, motorcycle industry, also applied to petroleum, chemical industry and other related industries, is China's economic open lack of raw material in the production of products. Precision steel tubes for automobile axle (GB3088-82) was manufactured car axle and driven bridge shell axis effective quality carbon structural steel and alloy steel hot-rolled precision steel tubes. Diesel used high-pressure tubing (GB3093-86) is to create cold drawn precision steel tubes for high pressure pipe of diesel engine injection system. Precision internal diameter precision steel tubes for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder (GB8713-88) is a manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder with precision for dimension of inner diameter of cold-drawn or cold-rolled precision steel tube. Precision cold-drawn or cold-rolled precision steel pipes (GB3639-83) is used for mechanical structures, hydraulic equipment, high precision and good surface finish of precision cold-drawn or cold-rolled precision steel tubes, selection of precision precision steel tube manufacturing mechanical or hydraulic equipment, you can greatly reduce machining time, increase material utilization, while improving product quality.