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Roll Forming Auxiliary Equipment The Process Put Forward Higher Requirements

Jun 27, 2017

Roll Forming Auxiliary Equipment Since the sixties of last century, countries have designed and developed a highly automated logistics storage system - shelves, and the widespread use of multi-storey steel shelf structure, the load-bearing structural components are also more use of cold-formed thin-walled porous steel; The requirements of the design and assembly of the steel structure of the shelves need to punch out a series of holes or irregular continuous fitting holes with certain distribution rules and precision requirements on the facings and sides of the particular cold-formed steel so as to use bolts or other The use of advanced on-line pre-punching rack cold-formed molding technology and equipment production of the shelf components can be effectively reduced Material consumption,Roll Forming Auxiliary Equipment to ensure that the cold-formed cross-section cold bending performance, hole accuracy and surface quality, improve the efficiency of the shelf steel structure assembly, greatly improve the stability and reliability of the shelf steel structure, the servo system for the online pre-punching Shelf cold forming technology and an important part of the equipment.

The cold bending unit system is composed of the basic structure of the uncoiler, leveling machine, cutting head welding unit, servo feeding unit, online punching press, cold bending unit, Show). But also the formation of the cold-formed components of the unique cold-formed molding process characteristics. According to the data collected from the production site, the actual hole control accuracy σ is basically stable within ± 0.15mm, and the hole position error is consistent with the normal distribution law. The electrical control precision ensures drift on a rotary code pulse, To ensure that the total length of the cumulative error of the smallest,Roll Forming Auxiliary Equipment basically stable within 6σ. Which also put a higher demand for the cold-formed manufacturing process of the shelf components and formed the key technologies and equipment for the cold-bending production of the shelf components.

Servo system generally has two development directions. One is to meet the requirements of general industrial applications, applications in the performance requirements of the application is not high, the pursuit of low cost, less maintenance, easy to use and other characteristics of the drive products, such as frequency conversion motor, inverter and so on. The other is the representative of the servo system development level of the leading products - servo motor,Roll Forming Auxiliary Equipment servo controller, the pursuit of high performance, high speed, digital, intelligent, network drive control to meet the higher application requirements of users.

The application of servo technology in cold-formed equipment involves these two types of development. The selection of the host computer involves CNC system or programmable controller (PLC), and through the standard serial communication interface (such as RS-232C , RS-422 interface, dedicated multi-core cable interface, etc.) and dedicated LAN interface for system control and data transmission and processing, the system to achieve the following functions: the use of servo motor, servo controller online servo device to achieve online punching precision Positioning control block,Roll Forming Auxiliary Equipment the use of variable frequency motor, inverter, etc. constitute the main body of the system drive system to achieve the length of the product hydraulic cut off positioning control, shelves cold bending forming equipment system operating parameters through the man-machine dialogue to set the servo system parameters online Debugging set and its self-tuning function, the system fault self-diagnosis and analysis functions need to combine the production process of the unit and its on-site data collection and processing results combined with the selected host controller system and software configuration to set and debug The

Cold bending forming device using the position of the main drive motor from the axis of the rotary encoder to collect the position and speed signal in a cold-formed section of a plane contact rotary encoder sampling signal to form the system main drive AC variable frequency motor within the motion control,Roll Forming Auxiliary Equipment the external closed-loop speed Position adjustment system, the internal speed control closed loop using real-time speed detection control algorithm. This will not only improve the low speed performance of the motor, speed fluctuation and torque ripple to a minimum, but also to ensure the cold bending process of the operation of the stability and speed control, external position control closed loop PID motion control algorithm to ensure that the cold forming process Position control accuracy and position positioning efficiency.