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Stainless Steel Tube Mills Easy To Wear

May 24, 2017

Stainless Steel Tube Mills in the joint grinding system is often one of the most important links, how to play the potential capacity of the Stainless Steel Tube Mills is the current goal of each cement worker to pursue. The original structure of the internal design of the mill is far less than the joint grinding process system engineering, the pipe mill on the process parameters of the request. To this end, the internal technical transformation of the mill is imperative. This paper introduces the technical transformation of the key parts of the mill mill with roller press, so as to better meet the requirements of the combined grinding and production system.

1) a warehouse liner configuration unreasonable. After the roller press + V-type separator system, the grinding material has been reduced particle size, 80μm sieve more than ≤ 23%, the main role of a warehouse is grinding, do not need to break. And a warehouse is used in the original ladder liner, ladder lining the main role is to enhance the grinding body, so that it has a certain potential energy, and thus the formation of impact crushing materials. This configuration caused a warehouse unit length grinding body to do less work,Stainless Steel Tube Mills into the bin warehouse material rough.

2) compartment board design is unreasonable. Separate plate is used in the early development of the product, equipped with a blind plate, this form of compartment board easily lead to congestion, affecting the normal flow of ventilation and materials.

3) Grinding grate design is unreasonable. Grinding the grate plate block serious, affecting the discharge and ventilation.

4) grinding body grade unreasonable. Grinding body gradation adjustment should take into account the various materials of abrasibility,Stainless Steel Tube Mills material size and material moisture and other factors, but the original level of the program failed to take into account.

3 transformation measures

In view of the above problems, combined with the actual situation of the factory, we have formulated the following technical changes and adjustment measures.

3.1 The transformation of the cutting device

Modified into the upper feed, the lower and the edge of the wind into the double under the material into the wind device, increasing the cross-sectional area of the inlet pipe.

The specific measures are: cut into the pipeline into the inlet pipe, does not allow any leakage material, straight into the mill a warehouse, the lower part of the mouth to the front plug, up and down about the opening area of each face should be Cut pipe cross-sectional area is equal,Stainless Steel Tube Mills the front block board should be in a warehouse, steel ball can not hit the place. This kind of cutting device to ease the impact of the expected material material, the material can not suddenly rushed to the rear of a warehouse, but also eliminates the warehouse of the grinding blind spot.

3.2 mill a warehouse liner transformation

Replace the original warehouse ladder liner with HX-C forced grinding surface liner. The advantage of this liner is to raise the grinding body to a suitable height,Stainless Steel Tube Mills will not produce throwing, but reverse sliding, thereby increasing the grinding capacity. According to the experience of the manufacturer, only this one, in the roll press joint grinding system can make the system production increased by about 10%.

3.3 transformation of the warehouse plate

Replace the original compartment with the HX-G compartment to improve the ventilation and material flow. In addition to the existing double-layer compartment plate bracket and the central hole structure unchanged, the front grate plate, after the blind plate, the middle sieve all for the type. Before the grate plate, after the blind plate are made cross-sectional area ventilation effect of a good new grate device,Stainless Steel Tube Mills the middle sieve plate replaced with 6mm thick 304 stainless steel, sieve specifications from 3mm to 6mm. After the change in the double-compartment board with cross-sectional area ventilation effect is good, material capacity, sieve with self-cleaning ability, before and after the grate plate grate and sieve sieve will not block. At the same time, this compartment plate also eliminates the effect of one or two positions of the grinding blind spot.