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Tube Mills Carefully Check The Construction Quality Of The Foundation

Oct 30, 2017

In order for the Tube Mills to operate smoothly and safely, the foundation must extend to a stable, solid base layer. The foundation should be able to withstand the vibration load generated by the static load and Tube Mills operation, the base should be large enough chassis and volume, the base chassis should be separated from the plant pillar chassis, at least 50 mm apart. The base weight should be 1.5 ~ twice times larger than the weight of the Tube Mills.

Before the Tube Mills installation, must check the foundation and the building and the neighboring unit and so on the configuration relations is correct, the foundation elevation and each main part size conforms to the unit installation drawing the specified size, simultaneously should examine the foundation construction quality carefully.

If the foundation meets the design requirements, it can clean the base surface, remove the loose float on the top surface with Feng or manual tools, and mark the base centerline and elevation of the installation department. If there is grease residue on the base surface, it should be treated with caustic soda and medium and agent, or enough depth should be eliminated to avoid affecting the bonding between mortar and foundation.

Equipment and basic inspection, ready to install the basic bolts, the main bearing chassis and housings, and so on, the main bearing chassis level tolerance of 0.10/1000; the relative elevation of the two chassis should be measured with liquid communicating, and the high difference should not be 0.5 mm large, and the feeding end is higher than the discharging end. The main bearing seat and the chassis should be evenly around the contact,Tube Mills  the local clearance is not greater than 0.1 mm. The spherical surface of the spindle tile should be in good contact with the spherical surface of the bearing seat, and the rotation must be flexible. The two mating spheres should be left with wedge-shaped clearance, its oblique depth is $number mm, the margin gap is 0.2 ~ 1.5 mm,Tube Mills  contact points on the interface are now less than one point per 50x50 mm 2 area. When assembling the spindle tile and the bearing seat, the lubricating oil with graphite should be evenly applied on the mating spherical surface. The distance deviation between the center line of the two main bearing chassis shall conform to the relevant provisions of the construction and acceptance code of the metallurgical Machinery equipment installation project.