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Tube Mills Each Cement Worker Strives To Pursue The Goal

Jul 07, 2017

Tube Mills in the joint grinding system is often one of the most important aspects of how to play the potential capacity of the Tube Mills is the current goal of each cement worker to pursue. The original structure of the internal design of the mill is far less than the joint grinding process system engineering, the pipe mill on the process parameters of the request. To this end, the internal technical transformation of the mill is imperative. This paper introduces the technical transformation of the key parts of the mill mill with roller press, so as to better meet the requirements of the combined grinding and production system.

Mill is the power generation, mineral processing, chemical and building materials and other heavy industry in the field of the most widely used grinding machine, the main parts of the transmission device, support device, rotary cylinder. In this paper, the transverse vibration model of the "pinion - drive shaft - reducer gear" of the edge drive mill system is established. The dynamic characteristics of the lateral vibration of the system are analyzed and analyzed. The load of the system is tested and analyzed. The torsional vibration model of the mill system is also established. The dynamic characteristics of the torsional vibration are analyzed by recursive calculation method, and the versatility of the recursive algorithm is verified. Finally, an example is given to analyze the dynamic characteristics of Φ2.6 × 13m mill system. It is important to study the dynamic characteristics of the edge drive mill system, to avoid the resonance and equipment failure due to the excitation frequency close to or equal to the natural frequency of the system, to predict the response characteristics of the system under excitation, to optimize the system structure, and so on. significance. The inherent characteristics of the lateral vibration of the edge drive mill system can be easily analyzed by the transfer matrix method and the general calculation program, and the response of the system under different excitation conditions is calculated. It provides a convenient and effective way to study the dynamic characteristics of the transverse vibration of the edge drive mill system Methods. The edge drive mill system is a moderately coupled system, therefore, in the mill system design, operation, should pay attention to the excitation frequency to avoid the natural frequency of the system, so as to avoid the early failure of equipment. The design of the drive shaft of the edge drive mill system is reasonable. System damping has a great influence on the dynamic characteristics of the system and is an important performance parameter of the system. The edge drive mill system can determine the load condition of the reducer in the system by measuring the torque of the low speed shaft. `

The working principle of the Tube Mills and the ball mill is basically the same, except that the ratio of the length of the cylinder to the diameter is much larger, hence the name. In the cylinder body is often separated by a partition plate 2 to 4 work warehouse, in the grinding process of the material size to the direction of the discharge gradually become smaller, from rough grinding to fine grinding process, in addition to the separation plate to separate the grinding media In addition, it is possible to prevent the large particle material from channeling to the discharge end and to control the speed of the material. Applicable to cement, metallurgy, chemical and other industries die-grinding operations.

The type of pipe mill according to the process can be divided into open flow and lap flow; by grinding can be divided into wet and dry method; according to the transmission can be divided into the center drive and edge drive Material can be divided into unloading and tail unloading; pipe mill by the name of different grinding materials can be divided into raw materials and cement mill mill.