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Tube Mills Improve Mill Production, Reduce Cost Consumption

Sep 28, 2017

Design and Application of Roller Bearing for Tube Millss

1, rolling bearing inner sleeve in the inlet and outlet hollow shaft on the method of improvement

The original design of the rolling bearing inner ring in the hollow shaft of the fixed method, which is the main bearing double row aligning spherical roller bearings, because the hollow shaft heat to expand, but also take into account the larger bearing diameter, too tight for the installation and removal will Bring the trouble, plus the size of the bearing inner sleeve is located below the zero bit line, so that the installation of a certain amount of interference set aside, so the hollow shaft size of the final tolerance is determined: the upper deviation is +0.05, the next deviation Is -0.05. In the main bearing sleeve positioning,Tube Mills the use of a spacer to withstand the bearing inner sleeve, and the outer cover of the sleeve from the inlet and outlet screw and hollow shaft between the fixed flange to block, so that the bearing sleeve positioning The At the same time, for insurance purposes, between the inner sleeve and the hollow shaft with positioning screw positioning.

Later, ready to enter and exit the hollow shaft and bearing the amount of interference within the suite increased, but the hollow shaft on the tolerance of the maximum tolerance can be increased to +0.2, the next deviation can be changed to 0, the main concern is the hollow shaft heat expansion ,Tube Mills If the hollow shaft size on the deviation is too large, easy to make the bearing sleeve and the hollow shaft between the tight and tight bearing on the strength of the impact of the inner sleeve, while the bearing, the jacket between the card too tight, Assembly and disassembly can cause inconvenience. So decided to fix the bearing inner sleeve to make some improvements, the structure has also been adjusted. This method is in the hollow shaft processing depth 15mm, width 30mm ring groove, and then the two semi-circular ring into the ring groove, the bearing sleeve fixed. This program after the user to use, the operation is good, thus solving the rolling bearing inner sleeve in the hollow shaft easy to string the problem.

2, bearing design in a few misunderstanding

(1) the installation of rolling bearings of the mill need to add thermal resistance

Some users in the purchase of rolling bearings to install the mill, the requirements of the main bearing fill thermal resistance, and even some mill designers also believe that the rolling bearing should be added with temperature resistance. In fact, for the mill rolling bearings, the internal filling is the high temperature of the extreme pressure lithium grease, and in the manufacture of bearings are used twice the high temperature tempering,Tube Mills which can ensure that the bearing itself in the -20 ° ~ 220 Within the deformation does not occur, take a step back, grinding mill between the screw and hollow shaft with rock wool and other insulation materials, so the mill inside the main bearing heat will certainly not reach the ultimate bearing bear temperature.

(2) whether the bottom of the bearing need to have cooling water

There are many rolling bearing grinding are inside the bearing seat with cooling water. In fact, compared with the sliding bearing mill, one of the advantages of rolling bearings should be to save a lot of cooling water, and save the thin oil lubrication station. Rolling bearing high temperature characteristics determine the use of rolling bearings in the use of cooling water does not need to cool.

Through the above analysis, it can be concluded that rolling bearings do not require water cooling devices, can save a lot of cooling water compared with traditional plain bearings; do not need temperature measurement devices, and save the maintenance of more trouble thin oil stations;Tube Mills Can save about 10% to 15% of electricity, which can be installed with the same specifications of the sliding bearing mill more than a certain amount of grinding body, thereby enhancing the mill production and reduce cost consumption.