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Tube Mills Improve System Output, Reduce Powder Power Consumption

Jul 18, 2017

At present, the Tube Mills grinding system is basically dry grinding, grinding material moisture content of grinding conditions and grinding efficiency have a great impact. How to properly handle the water problem into the grinding material, is the powder manufacturing companies often encounter problems. Some of the experience we accumulate in practical work may be of benefit to solving the problem.

Tube mill in the joint grinding system is often one of the most important links, how to play the potential capacity of the tube mill is the current goal of each cement worker to pursue. The original structure of the internal design of the mill is far less than the joint grinding process system engineering,Tube Mills the pipe mill on the process parameters of the request. To this end, the internal technical transformation of the mill is imperative. This paper introduces the technical transformation of the key parts of the mill mill with roller press, so as to better meet the requirements of the combined grinding and production system.

The working principle of the tube mill and the ball mill is basically the same, except that the ratio of the length of the cylinder to the diameter is much larger, hence the name. In the cylinder body is often separated by a partition plate 2 to 4 working positions, in the grinding process of material size to the direction of the discharge gradually become smaller, from rough grinding to fine grinding process,Tube Mills in addition to the separation board to separate the grinding media In addition, it is possible to prevent the large particle material from channeling to the discharge end and to control the speed of the material. Applicable to cement, metallurgy, chemical and other industries die-grinding operations.

The type of pipe mill according to the process can be divided into open flow and lap flow; by grinding can be divided into wet and dry method; according to the transmission can be divided into the center drive and edge drive; Material can be divided into unloading and tail unloading; pipe mill by the name of different grinding materials can be divided into raw materials and cement mill mill.

Determine the quality of the mill factors in addition to the system configuration, with the operating concept, grinding body gradation also has a great relationship. The technical transformation of the structure of the mill mill only provides a prerequisite for the production, durability and consumption reduction. Mill ventilation effect is not good, no matter how good the grinding body gradation also play a role. Reasonable grinding within the configuration, can improve the working conditions within the mill, thereby greatly improving system production and reduce the power consumption of grinding. HX-C surface liner, HX-B grinding tail grate plate, HX-G compartment plate series of grinding equipment design is reasonable, to improve the grinding ventilation,Tube Mills control the material flow rate play a decisive role. Tube mill capacity up, and the joint grinding system will solve most of the problems, and then do a good job of roller press system transformation and commissioning work, so that it does not affect the tube mill energy, if it is double closed system, but also to transform And debugging good grinding tail powder selection efficiency, so that the combined production of grinding system to play to the best quality.