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Tube Mills Production And Consumption Reduction In Process System

Oct 18, 2017

At present, the grinding system of the Tube Mills is basically dry grinding, and the moisture content of the grinding material has a great influence on the working condition and the grinding efficiency of the mill. How to deal with the moisture problem of the grinding material correctly is a difficult problem that every powder manufacturing company often encounters. Some of the experience we have accumulated in our actual work may be beneficial to the solution of the problem.

Ball Mill is mainly composed of cylindrical cylinder, end cover, bearing and transmission big gear ring and other components, cylinder body loaded into the diameter of 25-150mm steel ball or steel rod, known as the Mill, the volume of the whole cylinder has a volume of 25%-50%. The ends of the cylinder are covered with a cap, and the end cap is connected with the flange of the end of the cylinder, the middle of the end cap is perforated, called the hollow axle neck, and the hollow axle neck is supported on the bearing, and the barrel body can rotate. The cylinder body is also fixed with a large gear ring. In the drive system, the motor through the coupling, reducer and pinion drive large gear ring and cylinder, slowly rotating.

When the cylinder body rotates, the grinding medium rises to a certain height with the wall, Then the parabola falls or falls down. Because the end cover has a hollow axle neck, the material from the left side of the hollow axle neck to the cylinder, and gradually spread to the right to move, when the material moves from left to right, the rotating cylinder will bring the steel ball to a certain height and the material will be crushed, while a part of the steel ball in the cylinder in the discharge state of the material has a grinding effect, the entire movement process is also the material crushing process.

A ball mill at the right end (nesting end) is equipped with a lattice board, the lattice plate by a number of block-shaped grate hole width of 7-20mm, generally to 7-8mm appropriate, the material can be through the grate hole into the space between the grid and the end cover, and then lift the material up to 2, the upward The material is rolled down through the cone-shaped block and right to the hollow axle neck, and then out of the machine by the hollow axle neck.

Tube Mills in the United grinding system is often one of the most important link, how to play the potential of the Tube Mills is the current goal of every cement workers to pursue. The internal structure design of the original Tube Mills has not reached the requirements of the process parameters of the Tube Mills in the combined grinding process system. Therefore, the internal technical renovation of Mill is imperative. This paper introduces the technical renovation of the key parts of the grinding machine with roller press, so that it is better adapted to the requirements of the combined grinding process system for production and consumption reduction.