Quick Change roll forming machine for C & U Purlin profile 4mm thickness

This Quick change roll forming machine for C & U purlin profile is to make different sizes C and U profiles with auto change bottom width sizes controlled by motor, and with combined cutter device.

Product Details

Brief Introduction for C & U Quick Change Roll former

Maximum production speed: 0-15 meters per minute excluding cutting

One machine can produce C,U purlin. Change the size only need 10 minutes.

Applications of Channel profile Roll Forming Machine

The C channel and U channels which are produced of the roll forming machine up to 4 mm thickness are widely used as the supporting system in factory, warehouse, exhibition center, garden etc. for the roof and walls.  

Application -1

Application -2

Process Flow of C Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Hydraulic decoiler ----  Feeding---- flatten  ---- guide ---- punching ---- roll forming ---- correction adjust ---- cutting ---- stacker

Process Flow of C Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Technical Parameter for Quick Change Roll Forming Line

1.Steel thickness (t): 1,5 mm to 4,0 mm;

2.Maximum hole diameter deviation: +2 mm/-0 mm 

3.Length tolerance: ±1.5mm per each pieces




Machine Configuration for Quick Change Roll Forming Line

1.3T Hydraulic Decoiler (3KW) 

2.Main Roll forming machine (30KW)

3.Hydraulic Station (7.5KW)

4.Auto Stacker (6m)

5.Electric System (Siemens PLC)

Photos for Reference

1. hydraulic uncoiler

2. Feeding -guide devic

3. Feeding - pinch roll and leveler device

UncoileFeeding -guide 

pinch roll & leveler 

4. punching device5. forming device6. Shaping device
Punching Forming Shaping 
7. Drive unit8. Cutting Device9. stacking device
Drive Cutting Stacking
10. Hydraulic unit11. Electric contrl unit12. sample
Hydraulic  Electric contrl Sample

Delivery time:  90~120 days 

Shipping container:  1×40’GP + 1×20’GP

RFQ for C Purlin Rollforming Machine

Q: What should I provide to get the quotation? 

A:  - Please let us know your material, thickness and yield strength

      - Please let us know the detailed sizes as the profile drawing below

      - Please let us know if you need punching or not. If yes, also send us the punching drawing 

      - Please let us know if you have request for the speed 


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