C Channel Forming Machine

C Channel Forming Machine
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C channel forming machine

The C shaped purlin formed by C purlin roll forming machine has excellent anti-bending property and are easy to install. Machine adopt cast iron structure, which will increase the strength of the machine.

The processing of Punching & Cutting has different type for choosing: Post-Punching & Post-Cutting, Pre-Punching & Post Cutting, Pre-Punching & Pre-Cutting. 

We can also supply the customized machines. 

C purlin roll forming machine Application:

The finished products are widely used as the supporter of roof and wall in large-scale and mid-scale construction, such as factory, warehouse, garage, exhibition center, cinema, theatre, garden and so on.

C purlin roll forming machine Process Flow:

Uncoiler --- Feeding --- Straightening --- Pre-punching --- Roll Forming  --- Post-cutting --- Exit Rack

C channel rolling machine Machine Configurations

2-1. Roll Forming Machine(前冲后剪)-