Rollformers Corrugated Steel Sheet Metal Roof Wall Panel Glazed Tiles Roll Forming Machine

Cold roll forming, through the sequential configuration of the multi-pass molding roll, the coil, strip and other metal plate is constantly horizontal bending to produce a specific section of the forming profile processing technology.

Product Details


At present, China's cold roll forming this process has a variety of names, one is translated from the Russian, known as cold-formed, cold-formed steel (metallurgical industry to use this argument), one is translated from English and other foreign languages There are roll forming, roll forming, there is a name of China's Taiwan, there are wheel forming, cold rolling molding, the English name is more determined, Rollforming, Roll-forming , Roll Forming and so on.

High Speed Sinusoidal Roll Forming Machine

This type rollformers for roofing and wall panel by PPGI driven by servo motor is of high productivity to reach 0~30m/min for working corrugated / sinusoidal profiles. .

Application for Corrugated Panel Roll Former

Cold forming is a new material, energy saving, and efficient metal sheet forming process, new technology. The use of this process, not only can produce high-quality steel products, but also to shorten the product development cycle, improve production efficiency, thereby enhancing the market competitiveness of enterprises.

In the past half a century, cold forming has developed into the most effective plate metal forming technology. Spinning in North America 35% to 45% of the steel is cold-formed processing products, more than the automotive industry with more steel.

In recent years, cold-formed steel products as an important structural parts in the construction, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, electronics and machinery manufacturing and many other areas have been widely used. Its products from the ordinary rails, doors and windows and other structural parts for some special purpose and manufacture of special profiles, the type is extremely wide. Cold section steel unit weight section performance is better than hot-rolled steel products, and has a high surface finish and dimensional accuracy, so cold-rolled steel instead of hot-rolled steel can be achieved both save steel and save energy dual effect, so people on the cold The development of curved steel has given high priority. It is the user of the cold-formed steel products, specifications, quality and other aspects of the continuous desire to promote the rapid development of cold-formed process technology.


Process Flow for Color steel roofing & wall panel cold forming machine

Hydraulic Decoiler + coil car (5T)—Feeding—Roll forming— Stop Cutting—Runout table 


Technical Parameter for Glazed Panel Roller Forming Lines

Profile Drawing for Choice

Profile Drawing-1.jpg

Profile Drawing-2-.jpg

Machine specifications for YX19-73-730


Roll Forming MachineYX19-73-730
Material Width914mm
Rolling Speed


(4 or 5 pieces when the length is 6m, 

12 or 15 pieces when the length is 1.5m)

Rolling Thickness


(GI 550Mpa)

Control SystemPLC (Panasonic) as list in the note
Roller StationsAbout 22 stations (according to final design)
Motor Power


Roll forming: 11 KW servo motor

StructureWall panel
Way Of DriveBy chain
Color Of The MachineYellow and blue

Machine configurations 

Hydraulic De-coiler + coil car (5T) 1 unit
Roll Forming Machine1 unit
Hydraulic Stop Cutting Device 1 unit
Hydraulic System1 unit
Control Box:  (PLC: Panasonic Brand)1 unit
Runout table2 unit

Delivery time:  90~120 days 

Shipping container:  1×40’HQ 

Photos for Reference

1. 5T Decoiler-.jpg

2. Coil Lifter-.jpg

3. Feeding Device-.jpg

5T Decoiler Coil LifterFeeding Device

4. Roller Former-.jpg

5. Hydraulic Cutting--.jpg

6. Curving Machine-.jpg

Roller FormerHydraulic CuttingCurving Machine

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