Hydraulic Pipe Making Machine

Hydraulic Pipe Making Machine, can produce carbon steel and galvanized steel material on the same machine, different pipe sizes need different set of rollers.

Product Details

Hydraulic Pipe Making Machine– 127mm×4.5mm

Features of Hydraulic Pipe Making Machine

The Steel Tube Mill is machines for producing longitudinal weld seam pipe with steel strips of certain width. This Steel Tube Mill starts from decoiler for decoiling the steel strips into the forming machine and the rollers in the machine will bend the strip to a round pipe shape (two different coils can be connected by Shear & Butt-welder). The round pipe will be welded by Solid State High Frequency Welder which from Chinese top brand. The welded pipe will be formed to expected shape (round/ square/ rectangle etc) or size in a sizing machine of Hydraulic Pipe Making Machine. Finally the pipes will be cut to length with flying cutting saw and bundled.

The role of hydraulic pipe-making machine in work has been paid more and more attention. Correct maintenance plays a very positive role in the efficiency and life of hydraulic pipe-making machine.

1. Always check the oil level on the fuel tank. The oil level should not be lower than the specified value.

2. When the fine oil filter is blocked by dirt, it needs to be replaced in time; when the coarse oil filter is blocked, it should be cleaned in time, once every 3 months.

3. To add oil to the fuel tank, it must be filtered. The oil should not be mixed with impurities such as moisture, rust, metal shavings and fibers.

4. When starting the oil pump in winter or cold area, it should be opened and stopped, repeated several times to increase the oil temperature, and then start working after the hydraulic pump station is running flexibly.

5. All knobs on the hydraulic pump station, non-operators should not move.

6. Always observe if the power supply voltage is abnormally fluctuating and check it every 3 months or so.

Application of Hydraulic Pipe Making Machine

1. Water pipe7. Wire and cable protection pipe
2. Heating pipe8. Structural support Steel Pipe
3. Low-pressure process pipeline9. Industrial Steel Pipes
4. Low pressure fire fighting pipeline10. Decoration Pipe
5. Sewage Pipes11. Oil & Gas Pipes
6. Steel Scaffolding Pipe

Process Flow of Steel Tube Mill manufactures

Slit Coil ---- Un-Coiler ---- Snubber Roller ---- Pinch Roll & Leveling Machine---- Shearing And Butter Welder ---- Storage/ Accumulator ---- Forming ---- Welding ---- Cooling ---- Sizing ---- Cutting Saw ---- Run Out Table ---- Finishing ---- Pipe Collecting and Packaging

Flow Chart1.JPG

Technical Parameter of Steel Tube Mill manufactures

Technical Parameter.jpg

Machine Configuration of Steel Tube Mill manufactures


Photos for Reference

Single Side Un-coiler (Hydraulic).jpg

Snubber Roller, Pinch Roll & Leveling Machine.jpg

Automatic Shear & Butt Welder.jpg

Horizontal Accumulator.jpg

Forming Section.jpg

Sizing Section.jpg

Water Cooling Tank.jpg

Pneumatic Friction Saw.jpg

Run-out Table.jpg