Pipe Milling Machine

RT76 pipe milling machine as the most popular model can produce the carbon steel/ galvanized steel up to 90mm diameter and 4.0mm thickness.

Product Details

Nantong Reliantt offers almost 30 standard models tube mills (i.e. welded tube and pipe lines), covering range from 3/8” (8mm) up to 14” (355mm) diameter (including corresponding square and rectangle profiles ) and wall thickness from 0.3mm up to 12mm. We can supply the customized lines, and also we can prepare and arrange customized solution into your existing lines.

The complete line is compose of the uncoiler, shear & butt welder, accumulator, forming and sizing device, HF (high frequency) solid state welder, track cutting saw, as well as the run-out table. 

The line is designed to achieve the fast speed with the best quality of round tubes as well as profiles by using the optional configurations. 

Machine Process Flow of Pipe Mill Line


Working Flow Chart for RT Series Pipe-making machine.jpg

Technical Parameter of pipe mill equipment


Accessories photos for Steel pipe milling 

Ø Decoiler 

Double Side Un-coiler (Manual).jpg

Double Side Un-coiler (Hydraulic).jpg

Single Side Un-coile (Hydraulic).jpg

Ø Shear & Butt Welder 

Automatic Shear & Butt Welder.jpg

Shear & Butt Welder.jpg

Ø Cutting Saw

8. Pneumatic Friction Saw.jpg

Flying Cutting Saw.jpg