RT115 Pipe Welding Line

We can offer more than 30 models of Pipe Welding Line, covering range from 8mm-273mm dia. (corresponding square & rectangular tubes) & thickness 0.3mm-12.7mm

Product Details

RT115 Pipe Welding Line– 127mm×5.0mm

Features of Pipe Welding Line

For RT115 Pipe Welding Line, it can produce round pipe diameter 48mm up to 127mm with thickness 1.5-5.0mm, the square tube size 40x40mm-100x100mm with thickness 1.5-4.0mm, the rectangular tube size 30x50mm-80x120mm. For better feeding , this tube mill equipment will equip with auto shear & butter welder for welding two strips automatically.

We can also supply the customized tube mill machines just according to customers’ detail pipe sizes. 

Our pipe welding line is rich in types and provides you with quality assurance and 100% after-sales service.

Application of Tube Mill Equipment


Process Flow of Tube Mill Machine

Slit Coil ---- Un-Coiler ---- Snubber Roller ---- Pinch Roll & Leveling Machine---- Shearing And Butter Welder ---- Storage/ Accumulator ---- Forming ---- Welding ---- Cooling ---- Sizing ---- Cutting Saw ---- Run Out Table ---- Finishing ---- Pipe Collecting and Packaging

Flow Chart.png

pipe welding line.png

Technical Parameter of Pipe Welding Line

Technical Parameter.jpg

Machine Configuration of Tube Mill Equipment

Machine Configuration of Tube Mill Equipment.png

Photos for Reference

Double Cone Un-coiler.jpg

Snubber Roller, Pinch Roll & Leveling Machine.jpg

Automatic Shear & Butt Welder.jpg

Horizontal Accumulator.jpg

Forming Section.jpg


Turk’s Head.jpg

Pneumatic Friction Saw.jpg