Pipe Making Machinery High Speed Industrial Carbon Steel Pipe Production Line Welded Pipe Mills

The main Characteristic for high frequency tube mills: High speed for welding, small zone for welding heat affection, applicable for thin walled tube; applicable for metal pipes.

Product Details

Model: RT32 (50.8mm×2.0mm)

This RT32 high speed pipe making machinery can produce round pipes 13 to 50.8mm diameter pipes with 0.6 to 2.0mm thickness. For square or rectangle or special shape pipes, the thickness is up to 1.5mm.  

Features of RT32 Industrial Carbon Steel Pipe Production Line

Straight seam welded steel pipe is a high-frequency welding unit will be a certain size of the strip into a round tube and straight seam welded steel pipe. The shape of the pipe can be round, it can be square or shaped, it depends on the sizing after welding. Welding steel pipe materials are: low carbon steel and σs ≤ 300N / mm2, σs ≤ 500N / mm2 low alloy steel or other steel.

Process Flow of Straight Seam Steel Pipe Mills

The production process depends on the product variety, from raw materials to finished products need to go through a series of processes, the completion of these processes require a variety of mechanical equipment and welding, electrical control, detection devices, these devices and devices in accordance with the requirements of different processes A variety of reasonable layout, high-frequency welded pipe Typical process: Slitting - Uncoiling - Straightening of steel - Head and tail shear - Strip welding - Sleeve storage – Roll Forming - Welding - Clear burr - Sizing - Flaw detection - Initial inspection - Straightening of pipe - Pipe section processing - Water pressure test - Flaw detection - Printing and coating - Finished product.


Working Flow Chart for RT Series Pipe-making machine.jpg

Technical Parameter for RT32 HF Tube Mills

One Set of RT32 Tube Mills Including: 

Double-side Un-coiler (Manual expansion)1 unit
Vertical Accumulator1 unit
Forming, Welding and Sizing mill1 unit
Computer-controlled Tracking Cutting Saw (Circular Saw Cutting)1 unit
Finished Pipe Passing Conveyor (Run out table)1 unit
150KW Solid State High Frequency Welder1 unit
Pneumatic System1 unit
Electrical System with PLC Control and DC Drive Control System1 unit

Delivery: Within 120 working days after receipt of down payment in our account 

Payment: 30% by T/T as down payment, 70% by T/T after inspection but before shipment

Packing: Electric control unit with plywood case, other unpacked. 

Shipping Container: 2×40’HQ +1×20’GP (will be double confirmed)

1.1. INPUT 

(1). Material : Low-carbon steel (Q195, Q235)
(2).Thickness: 0.6-2.0mm (SQ, REC Pipe: ≤1.5mm)
(3).Slit width: 40-160mm
(4).Coil Weight (Slit Coil): ≤1500 kg
(5).Coil ID     : 350-450mm
(6).Coil OD   : 800-1000mm


1.2. OUTPUT 

(1).Round pipe dia.

        Wall thickness   

 : 13-50.8mm

 : 0.6-2.0mm 

(2).Square Tube Size   

        Wall thickness    

 : 10×10-40×40mm

 : δ≤1.5mm (SQ, REC Pipe)

(3) Length: 4-8meter (can be longer)
(4).To-length accuracy: ≤±3mm



(1).Line Direction (optional)    

 : From Right to Left or from Left to Right

  (Viewed from operator side; will be double confirmed) 

(2).Line Speed : 20-90/min
(3).Power for equipment motor : about 131.5KW
(4).Power for HF electric    : 150KW (Solid State)

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Shipment for Tube Making Machine


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