RT32 Tube Mills

RT32 Tube Mills can make round tube dia. of 13-50.8mm & wall thickness of 0.6-2.0mm, max, square & rectangular tube 40x40mm & 30x50mm with thickness 0.6-1.5mm

Product Details

RT32 Tube Mills – 50.8mm×2.0mm

Features of RT32 Steel Pipe Making Machine

RT32 Tube Mills is a series of machines that builds longitudinal weld seam pipe with steel strips of certain width.The straightened steel strips will be go through to forming machine of Steel Pipe Making Machine, and the rollers in the machine will bend the strip to a round pipe shape. The round pipe will then be sent into the weld box where the tube is welded by a Solid State HF Welder, The welded pipe will be formed to expected shape (round/ square/ rectangle etc) or size in a sizing machine of Tube Mills. Finally the pipe will be cut to length and bundled.Continuous production, high efficiency, material saving, production cost.The products can be used for the production of stainless steel anti-theft doors and windows, stair railings, automobile exhaust pipes, muffler tail pipes, marine pipes, food sanitary pipes, fluid pipes, water pipes, stainless steel pipes, heat exchangers and the like.


Application of Electrical Pipe Making Machine


Process Flow of Steel Pipe Making Machine

Process Flow of Steel Pipe Making Machine.png

Working Flow Chart for RT Series Pipe-making machine.JPG

Technical Parameter of RT32 Tube Mills

Technical Parameter.jpg

Machine Configuration of Steel Pipe Making Machine


Photos for Reference

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