RT45 Tube Mill

RT45 Tube Line is to make straight seam round, square & rectangular tubes by different rolls on the same machine, also it can produce special shape of profiles.

Product Details

RT45 Tube Mill – 50.8mm×2.3mm

Features of RT45 Tube Mill

RT45 Carbon Steel Tube Mill is a series of machines that produces longitudinal weld seam pipe with steel strips of certain width.The material is introduced into the pipe welding machine through the feeding machine, and the strip material is extruded by a roller, and then the welding and the rounding are protected by a helium arc welding mixed gas, and the pipe of the required length is output, the cutter mechanism is cut, and then the straightening machine is used. Straighten. The spot welder is used for spot welding between the strip heads.After unwinding, forming, welding, grinding, sizing, straightening, fixed length and cutting Produced by other processes.

Often have the following characteristics:

High precision, stable performance, high yield, fully automated, simple operation, durable, solid machine, continuous production, high efficiency, less material waste, and low production cost.


Application for Carbon Steel Tube Mill


Process Flow for Tube Mill

Process Flow.jpg

Working Flow Chart for RT Series Pipe-making machine.JPG

Technical Parameter of Tube Line

Technical Parameter.jpg

Machine Configuration of Tube Mill


Photos for Reference

Double Side Un-coiler (Hydraulic).jpg

Double Side Un-coiler (Manual).jpg

Automatic Shear & Butt Welder.jpg

Horizontal Accumulator.jpg

Forming & Sizing.jpg

Vertical Accumulator.jpg

Pneumatic Friction Saw.jpg

Flying Cold Saw.jpg