RT50 Tube Making Machine

RT50 MS Tube Mill,it can produce round pipe: 19-63.5mm with thickness 0.7-2.75mm, also with corresponding square tubes. The speed can reach max. 100m/min.

Product Details

RT50 Tube Making Machine – 63mm×2.5mm

Tube Making Machine, MS Tube Mill, Pipe Tube Mill

Features of RT50 Tube Making Machine

RT50 Pipe Tube Mill, is the most popular model for customer, with different set of rollers, this Tube Making Machine can produce the round pipe size with 19-63.5mm with thickness 0.7-2.75mm, square tube size with 15x15mm-50x50mm and rectangular tube size with 10x20mm-40x60mm with thickness 0.7-2.2mm, equip with 200KW Solid State HF Welder, the speed can reach max. 100m/min, if the customer need to produce large quantities low yield strength galvanized steel tubes, we can equip this MS Tube Mill with max. thickness 130m/min.

The main production process of the tube making machine is as follows:

Feeding rack--forming--welding--inner weld leveling--grinding--roughening straightening--bright annealing furnace--precision-diameter straightening--in-line steel tube eddy current testing--length-cutting -- Finished frame.

High precision , stable performance, high yield, fully automated, simple operation, durable, solid machine, continuous production, high efficiency, less material waste, and low production cost.

Application for the tubes of MS Tube Mill


Process Flow of Tube Making Machine

Process Flow of Tube Making Machine.png

Working Flow Chart for RT Series Pipe-making machine.jpg

Technical Parameter for Pipe Tube Mill

Technical Parameter.jpg

Machine Configuration

Configuration 1.png

Photos for Reference

Double Side Un-coiler (Manual).jpg

Double Side Un-coiler (Hydraulic).jpg

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