Welded Pipe Making Machine

RT45 welded pipe making machine (ie. Welded pipeline, welded pipe machine) is to produce the pipes of 0.6-2.3mm thickness as 13 to 50.8mm diameter.

Product Details

Introduction for Welded Pipe Making Machine

The steel strips in certain width after slitting and stripping are unfolded and leveled and then sent into a forming machine. By using the roller, the steel pipe is processed into pipe state.

The edge of the steel plate is melted by the proximity effect and skin effect of high frequency current. Then the plate is extruded and welded into pipes by using extruding roller.

High frequency straight seam welded pipe mill is also called ERW (electric resistance welding) pipe mill, welded pipe making machine.

Application for Welded Pipe Making Machine

1. High frequency straight seam welded pipe mill is suitable for all kinds of round pipe, square pipe and rectangular pipe.

2. According to the product functions, welded pipe making machine is divided into API model and national standard model.

API model mainly produces high level steel pipes such as delivery pipe of petroleum, natural gas and oil well casing.

National standard model mainly produces the steel pipe, such as water-gas pipe and structure pipe.

Production Process for Welded Pipe Making Machine

Loading Coil → Uncoiling → Leveling → Cutting and Steel Welding → Accumulator and Material Storage → Forming → High Frequency Welding → Water Cooling → Online Ultrasonic Inspection → Intermediate Annealing → Air Cooling → Water Cooling → Sizing → Flying Saw Sizing Cut Off → Pipe End Facing and Beveling → Hydraulic Testing → Off-Line Ultrasonic Seam Inspection → Off-Line Ultrasonic Tube Inspection → Weighing and Measure Length Spraying → Finished Products Connection

Specifications for Welded Pipe Making Machine

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