Hot Sale!! EMT, IMC, RCS Tube Mill Machine

This RT50 tube mill machine is the most popular tube mills in 2017 especially for producing the pipes for EMT, IMC, RCS .

Product Details

Machine Model: RT50 

Main Parameter: 

1Round Pipe Dia19 -63.5mm
2Pipe Thickness

Δ 0.8 -2.5mm;

Square ≤2.0 mm

3Line Speed20-90/min
4Pipe Length4-8meter (can be longer)
5Coil Weight≤1800 kg

Working Process:


Machine Configuration:


The equipment is located in the forefront of the whole tube making line. When in need to use this , take the coil into the head of the uncoiler and then expand it, the coil will be driven to the following units. The picture show s the manual expansion type, and the hydraulic and pneumatic types can be adopted also. 

Double Side Uncoiler.jpg

2.Vertical Accumulator 

The steel strips stored in it shall be enough to ensure main machine to run continuously while welding two coiled strips.

Vertical Accumulator.jpg

3.Main Machine : 7 stands forming + 6 stands sizing 

Froming & Sizing.jpg

3.1 7-roller Leveler 

It is located in the forefront of the forming unit. 

7-roller leveler 
Feeding40CrSide guide device
Leveling Roller

3.2 Horizontal Roller Device

image004.jpgFrame Material 45# steel 
Horizontal roller shaft42CrMoΦ60mm
Change rolls in the side
Adjust method
Manual adjust by screw in top

3.3 Vertical Roller Device

image005.jpgFrame   MaterialQT60
Vertical   roller shaft45#   steelΦ60mm

Slot   type redirection 


Adjust   method
Brass   nut screw

3.4 Sub-drive gear box

image006.jpgMaterial QT50 
Drive method40CrSpiral bevel gear,
Lubrication method
Input and output shaft

3.5 Guiding device

Guide pole type, universal adjusting

3.6 Extruding Device 

3.7Deburring Device 

With two groups scraper frame, pneumatic draw back

3.8Straightening (Turk’s head)


Guide pole type, 

universal adjusting

Type4-rollerSingle side

3.9. Main Drive Unit

Main Motor Z4 --- 132KW 1 set
Main ReducerZLY 1 set

3.10 Main machine Arrangement Form 


4.Computer Tracking Saw

It is used to cut the finished pipes into desired length as set in the touch screen. 

Cutting Saw.jpg

(1) Cutting thickness               : 0.8-2.5mm

(2) Cutting O.D.                       : 19-63.5mm

(3) Cutting Length                   : 4-8m

(4) Cutting tolerance               : ≤±3 mm

(5) Cutting motor                    : AC motor 18.5KW

(6) Driving motor                    : AC motor 15KW

5.Supply by User

Power Supply380V/22V;50HZ;3Phase 4 wires  (can be customized)
PowerHigh Frequency150KW
Main   Motor132KW
TotalAbout 330KW
Machine SpaceLength: 50m × width 4m
HF Room SpaceLength: 6m × width 3m × height 2.8m
Water supply

Cooling   water pool: 1 set (volume 30m3)  Lift   Pump: 1 set (Dia.3’’,  

 Lifting 6m)

Air supplyOne set of air   compressor
Consumable itemsall the relevant cable wires &   power lines & connect lines;

Magnetic bar;

Cutting saw

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