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RT45 steel tube mill with quick change which exported to Venezuela.

Product Details

steel tube mill manufacturers with quick change


RT45 steel tube mill with quick change which exported to Venezuela.

This machine is including:

(1)   Un-coiler (Hydraulic expand)

(2)   Shear and Butt Welder

(3)   Horizontal Accumulator

(4)   Forming, Welding and Sizing mill

A) Feeding & Leveling device

B) Forming machine

C) Guiding, extruding, Welding & scraping device

D) One set of Cooling water tank

E) Sizing mill

F) Main Driving System

(5)    Computer Cutting Saw (Circular Saw Cutting)

(6)    Run out table

(7)   Solid State HF Electric

(8)   Hydraulic System

(9)   Electrical System

(10)  Pneumatic System



1.      Before-sales

A.      We will answer the customer asap. (within 24hours)

B.      We can design the machine according to customer’s detail requests.

2.      After-service:

A.      In correct operation & maintaining, the machine is guaranteed for one year

B.      If necessary, we will dispatch technicians to install and commissioning, and also our technicians will teach and training the customer’s workers to use the machine better.

C.      We will provide long-term technical assistance.



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